We conduct Kshar Sutra certificate course  .

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Duration of course

  • 15 days
  • 1 month
  • 3 month


  • B.A.M.S.

No. of seats/Batch

  • 4 seats


  •  MRC Vrinda Charitable Trust,C/O Mrc Ayurveda , Annapurna Parisar, Gurukul Road, Vrindavan  (Mathura) U.p. India 281121

Contact no.

  • +91-9267678888, +91-565-6454442



  • Kshar Prepration
  • Kshar sutra prepration
  • Anatomy of Anus and rectum
  • How to examine patient (like P/R , Proctoscopy ,Probing etc.)
  • Clinical Investigation
  • Discussion about the instruments which are used in Ksharsutra ligation
  • How to maintain Kshar Sutra Bandhan kaksha(O.T.)
  • Pre-procedure
  • Post-procedure
  • How to deal complication after kshar sutra ligation ?
  • Discussion and demonstration about other procedure ( like Bangali, Mordern, Cryo, Sclerotherapy (Injection) etc.)
  • Line of Treatment
  • Discussion , demonstration & Practical (by Snaps,Video and live) on all Ano-Rectal Diseases like Hemorrohoids, Anal Fistula, Anal Fissure, Rectal prolapse, Rectal Polyp, Rectal papilla, Anal Condyloma, Pilo-Nidal Sinus, Megacolon, Colitis, Anal Abcess, Carcinoma, Prutis Ani, Anal Incontinence etc.
  • How to maintain the records?

About  Dr.Abhishek Sharma

(Surgeon Kshar Sutra)
Specialist Ano-Rectal Diseases

Dr.Abhishek Sharma is well renowned Kshar sutra surgeon in India. In his very short period (8 years of practice ) he has deal more than 23,000 patients of Ano-rectal diseases with records So many foreigners patients are even taking his treatment by Kshar sutra. By the way of hard experience, he has discovered many new technique in Ano-rectal diseases, Some of these are Fusion Kshar Sutra Ligation in Fusion piles, Interrupted Kshar Sutra ligation in Anal fistula ( by this new technique the patient gets relief in easy way, short time and without bed rest . It is fully safe procedure) . He has also developed new technique in Rectal prolapse.

He is highly successful in Kshar Sutra ligation of hemorrohoids (piles) whose Hb label- 3.8 gm/dl . This is first time in the history.

He treat with Kshar-Sutra Procedure only in one sitting in multiple Ano-rectal diseases like ( Piles {secondary & primary both}, multiple Fistula, fissure, Sentinal tags, Anal condyloma, Rectal polyp etc.). he is very much expert in handling any kind of critical Ano-Rectal diseases.

He is treated by given Local Anesthesia in all Ano-Rectal diseases mostly.

He is having well equipped Kshar Sutra Bandhan Kaksha (O.T.) with A.C. facility.

Under the guidance of Dr.Abhishek Sharma Kshar-Sutra Trainee doctors are learn very easy with simple method without getting any confusion in all Ano-Rectal diseases and they can perform very easily in their clinic setup.

Seats are limited, if you want to join this course, Reserve your seat before 2-3 month.


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